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Why did the Royal Plaza Hotel in Thailand collapse?

Why did the Royal Plaza Hotel in Thailand collapse?

Cause. The main reason for the collapse was the addition of floors without properly considering the strength of the structure and soil stability.

What is Hotel Royal Plaza case?

An octogenarian businessman who comes from a reputed family and is the brother of Ashok Mittal, owner of The Royal Plaza, a five-star hotel in Connaught Place, was arrested after a non-bailable warrant (NBW) was issued against him for allegedly misleading the court by presenting a false affidavit, police said on Friday …

When did the Royal Plaza Hotel in Thailand collapse?

At approximately 10:10 in the morning on August 13, 1993, the most tragic building collapse in the history of Thailand shocked the nation. The Royal Plaza Hotel collapsed swiftly and totally, leaving high only the front elevator hall, which was structurally independent from the rest of the building.

What was the cause of the Royal Plaza collapse?

The collapse of the Royal Plaza is unusual because building collapses most often occur during or just after construction. In the case of Royal Plaza, the collapse occurred about three years after the structure’s last modification.

Why was the Plaza Hotel in New York closed?

Because the Plaza Hotel is a New York landmark, Tishman Construction Corporation, the construction management company hired to complete the renovations and conversions, had to comply with landmark regulations. El Ad temporarily closed the Plaza Hotel on April 30, 2005, for extensive renovations costing $450 million.

What was name of hotel that collapsed in Korat?

Just after dawn today, more than 20 hours after the collapse, rescue workers pulled a pregnant woman alive from the tangle of steel and concrete debris of the hotel, the Royal Plaza, which had once been considered the most luxurious hotel in Nakorn Ratchasima, also known as Korat, a provincial capital about 150 miles…