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Who were the two co-commanders at the Battle of the Alamo in 1836?

Who were the two co-commanders at the Battle of the Alamo in 1836?

About 100 Texians were then garrisoned at the Alamo. The Texian force grew slightly with the arrival of reinforcements led by eventual Alamo co-commanders James Bowie and William B. Travis.

Who was the commander of the Alamo when it fell to the Mexican army on March 6 1836?

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
By December of that year, the small Texas army captured the important crossroads town of San Antonio de Bexar and seized the garrison known as the Alamo. Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna recaptured the town on March 6, 1836, after a thirteen-day siege; the Mexican army suffered an estimated 600 casualties.

Who was the Texas commander at the Alamo?

During the twelve days of the siege, Alamo co-commander William Barret Travis sent multiple couriers to the acting Texas government, the remaining Texas army under James Fannin, and various Texas communities, asking for reinforcements, provisions, and ammunition.

Why did the Mexicans attack the Alamo in 1836?

At dawn on March 6, 1836 the Mexicans attacked: Santa Anna may have attacked that day because he was afraid the defenders would surrender and he wanted to make an example of them. The Texans’ rifles and cannons were devastating as the Mexican soldiers made their way to the walls of the heavily fortified Alamo.

Who are the survivors of the Battle of the Alamo?

Of the Texians who fought during the battle, only two survived: Travis’s slave, Joe, was assumed to be a noncombatant, and Brigido Guerrero, who had deserted from the Mexican Army several months before, convinced Mexican soldiers that he had been taken prisoner by the Texians.

Where was Stephen F Austin during the Alamo?

In the wake of the Battle of Gonzales which opened the Texas Revolution, a Texan force under Stephen F. Austin encircled the Mexican garrison in the town of San Antonio de Béxar.