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Who is the vice president of Kenya now?

Who is the vice president of Kenya now?

Deputy President of Kenya

Deputy President of The Republic of Kenya
Coat of arms of Kenya
Incumbent William Ruto since 9 April 2013
Appointer Direct popular vote
Term length Five years; renewable once

Who was the seventh vice president of Kenya?

Musalia Mudavadi
Prime Minister Raila Odinga
7th Vice-President of Kenya
In office 4 November 2002 – 3 January 2003
President Daniel arap Moi

Who is the prime minister of Kenya?

Uhuru Kenyatta

His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta CGH
Assumed office 9 April 2013
Deputy William Ruto
Preceded by Mwai Kibaki
Deputy Prime Minister of Kenya

What does William Ruto own?

Ruto and the Second lady own an expansive farm in Sugoi. He also owns interest in various real estate developments in Kenya including the Weston Hotel and a large interest in AMACO, an insurance company. He has been described a Kenyan Shilling billionaire.

Who was the first king of Kenya?

Jomo Kenyatta

The Right Honourable Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
Succeeded by Daniel arap Moi
1st Prime Minister of Kenya
In office 1 June 1963 – 12 December 1964
Monarch Elizabeth II

Who is the owner of k24?

Mediamax Network Ltd
K24 TV

Owner Mediamax Network Ltd
Launched 4 February 2008