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Who is the Robinson family Hawaii?

Who is the Robinson family Hawaii?

Helen Matthew Robinson, Lester’s wife, inherited 87 ½ percent interest in Niihau when Lester died in 1969. Their sons, Keith and Bruce Robinson, inherited the remainder, and have been sole owners of Niihau since their mother passed away in 2002.

Who is Aubrey Robinson?

Aubrey Robinson (1853–1936) was an owner of a sugarcane plantation and a ranch consisting of an entire island in the Hawaiian Islands….Aubrey Robinson (Hawaii planter)

Aubrey Robinson
Died 7 July 1936 (aged 82) Makaweli, Kauaʻi
Occupation Planter, Rancher

Where do Keith and Bruce Robinson live?

Niihau Ranch
The Story Behind Niihau Ranch It is the westernmost ranch in the United States. In 1864, Eliza Sinclair purchased the island from King Kamehameha IV. It has since been passed down through five generations to its present owners, Keith and Bruce Robinson.

Why are Niihau shells so expensive?

The value of a Niiahu shell lei is calculated based on its uniqueness, color, type of shell, and how clean the shell is. What makes a Niihau shell lei so valuable? While the physical state of each shell is the biggest contribution to the price, the tedious work put into making the lei is a priceless process.

When did Aubrey Robinson come to the Hawaiian Islands?

In 1846 her husband and eldest son died at sea. With her remaining children and grandchildren, she left New Zealand heading for Canada . When they arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in September 1863, King Kamehameha IV suggested they stay and purchase some land.

Who was Aubrey Robinson and what did he do?

Aubrey Robinson (1853–1936) was an owner of a sugarcane plantation and a ranch consisting of an entire island in the Hawaiian Islands .

How old was Audrey Robinson when she died?

Audrey Robinson also known by her stage name as Lee Angel was an exotic dancer and a former girlfriend of piano playing rock n’ roll pioneer Little Richard. Audrey Robinson Age Audrey is 79 years old.

Where did Aubrey Robinson live in New Zealand?

Aubrey Robinson was born in Canterbury, New Zealand on October 17, 1853. His father was Charles Barrington Robinson and mother was Helen Sinclair. His grandmother, Elizabeth McHutchison (1800–1892), also spelled McHutcheson, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, married Francis Sinclair in 1824 and moved to New Zealand in 1840 with their six children.