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Who is the husband to Jackie Appiah?

Who is the husband to Jackie Appiah?

Jackie Appiah Hid Deets of Her Marriage with Peter Agyemang from the Public.

Where did Jackie Appiah come from?

Toronto, Canada
Jackie Appiah/Place of birth
Jackie Appiah was born in Canada on December 5, 1983. She is the last of five children. She is a Ghanaian Canadian, as she was born in Toronto. She spent her early childhood in Canada, and moved to Ghana with her mother at age 10.

What does Jackie Appiah do for a living?

Jackie Appiah/Professions

Is Jackie Appiah twins?

Jackie Appiah is a famous celebrated Ghanaian actress. She has received many awards for her screen roles including the much-hyped Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Jack Appiah has a younger sister but not her twin. …

Who is the most beautiful actress in Ghana?

Top 10 Undoubtedly Most Beautiful Ghanaian Actresses

  • Lydia Forson.
  • Soraya Mensah.
  • Joselyn Dumas.
  • Nadia Buari.
  • Yvonne Nelson.
  • Jackie Appiah.
  • Yvonne Okoro. Chinyere Yvonne Okoro is a Ghanaian actress of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin.
  • Juliet Ibrahim. Juliet tops our list with her incomparable beauty and charming looks.

How old is Chioma Chukwuka?

41 years (March 12, 1980)
Chioma Chukwuka/Age

Chioma Chukwuka is Currently 41 Years Old Her age has been one of the major talked about things in her life, especially because she has features that could easily pass for a woman below her age.

How old is Zubby Michael?

36 years (February 1, 1985)
Zubby Micheal/Age

How old is Jackie Appiah now?

37 years (December 5, 1983)
Jackie Appiah/Age
Jackie Appiah Agyemang is a 37-year-old renowned Ghanaian actress and a brand ambassador.

Does Jackie Appiah has a child?

Damien Agyemang
Jackie Appiah/Children