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Which district is Bodinayakanur?

Which district is Bodinayakanur?

Theni district
Bodi mettu is a locality in Theni district in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, near the border with Kerala.

What is Bodinayakanur famous?

Situated in the Theni district, Bodinayakanur, shortened to Bodi, is often referred to as the ‘Cardamom City’ because of its large agricultural produce and spice trade. Other items produced here include coffee, mango and sugarcane.

When was Theni separated from Madurai?

Now after India’s independence, Madurai is one of the major districts of Tamilnadu State. In 1984, the Vast Madurai district was bifurcated into two districts namely Madurai and Dindugul Districts. Subsequently in 1997, Madurai district was bifurcated into two districts namely Madurai and Theni Districts.

Which is called as Cardamom City?

The otherwise fairly anonymous town of Bodinayakanur in Tamil Nadu has an interesting secret – it’s India’s Cardamon (or Cardamom!) City. They’re native to the south west of India and the best in the world is still grown in the Cardamom hills that rise up above the town of Bodi.

Who was the king who ruled the area of Bodinayakkanur?

The town was named as Bodayanayakkanur, after the person Bodayanayakkar, who ruled the place.

How many villages are there in thei district?

Revenue Administration

Revenue Divisions 2
Revenue Taluks 5
Revenue Villages 113
Revenue Firka 17

Which city is famous for Elaichi?

The Cardamom Hills or Yela Mala are mountain range of southern India and part of the southern Western Ghats located in Idukki district, Kerala, India….Peaks in Cardamom Hills (Elephant Hills)

Name Altitude Location
Anamala 2,695 metres (8,842 ft) Eravikulam National Park
Meesapulimala 2,640 metres (8,660 ft) Munnar

Which place is famous for cardamom?

Nepal is the world’s largest producer of large cardamom. Other countries where this cultivar is produced are India and Bhutan.

Which country is the largest producer of cardamom?

Market Overview Guatemala was the leading producer of cardamom which accounted for more than 55% of the global production in 2019. Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are also some of the other major producers of Cardamom.

Which is popularly known as the cardamom City?

Bodinayakkanur is at the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is popularly known as “Cardamom City”. It is a marketing zone for cardamom, coffee, tea, pepper, and silk cotton.

Which is the best place to visit in Bodinayakanur?

By road Bodinayakanur is surrounded by Allinagaram, Kambam, Idukki which are 9.84 km, 20.06 km, 23.57 km away respectively. These places are ideal spots for people to plan their short weekend break.

How many people live in Bodinayakkanur, Tamil Nadu?

Bodinayakkanur. Bodinayakanur (also spelled Bodi Naickanur; or shortened to just Bodi) is a Town and a municipality in Theni district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. As of 2011, the town had a population of 75,675.

Where to buy land in Bodinayakanur, Tamil Nadu?

Buyers and sellers get a great opportunity to construct and make use of such a land in an amazing location in green royal city, bodinayakanur, theni, tamil nadu. This land has a potential of becoming a huge success, the locality is surrounded by greenery is and airs a very calm environment. Facilities This reside…

Which is the road from Theni to Bodinayakkanur?

Bodinayakanur is situated at the foothill of the Western Ghats in Theni district. It is located on the Cochin – Madurai – Rameswaram National Highway 85 (India). It is accessible by the road from Chennai, Madurai and various parts of the State.