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What was unusual about the Massachusetts constitution?

What was unusual about the Massachusetts constitution?

It became effective on October 25, 1780, and remains the oldest functioning written constitution in continuous effect in the world. It was also the first constitution anywhere to be created by a convention called for that purpose rather than by a legislative body.

What was special about the Philadelphia convention?

The hundred day debate known as the Constitutional Convention was one of the most momentous occurrences in United States Constitutional History, and the events that would take place in the Pennsylvania State House during that time would set the United States on the course towards becoming a true Constitutional Republic …

Why was everything kept so secret at the convention?

To encourage delegates to make arguments without fear of recrimination and to discourage mob action in the city, those in attendance kept their deliberations secret during their lifetimes and did not inform the public of the resulting document until September 17, after most of the delegates had signed on to it.

What were some outcomes of the Constitutional Convention?

The result of the convention was the creation of the Constitution of the United States, placing the Convention among the most significant events in American history.

When did the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention take place?

The Massachusetts Ratifying Convention met in Boston from January 9, 1788 to February 5, 1788 to discuss “the adoption of the federal Constitution .” 370 delegates had been elected on October 25, 1787, and when the final vote was taken on February 3, 355 registered their vote.

Who was the Massachusetts delegate to the Constitutional Convention?

He was a delegate to the provincial congress (1774-75), member of the Massachusetts Board of War (1778-81), delegate to the constitutional convention (1779-80), and representative in both the upper (1780) and lower (1781-87) houses of the legislature, including speaker of the latter in 1781, 1782, and 1785.

When was Article XLVIII adopted in the Massachusetts Constitution?

In fact, Article XLVIII, which was adopted in 1918, now governs the amending process. Between 1779 and 1919 Massachusetts held four large-scale and heavily documented constitutional conventions [1779-1780, 1820-1821, 1853, 1917-1919] and they were used as the main mechanism through which changes could be made to the constitution.

How are constitutional amendments passed in the state of Massachusetts?

Constitutional amendments must go through two sessions of the Massachusetts General Court and must also be supported by 25% of the legislature during each of these sessions The State Library often receives questions from researchers interested in understanding when, why, and how an Article of Amendment was passed.