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What was the value of a South African pond coin?

What was the value of a South African pond coin?

South African old coins catalog Republic of South Africa – Transvaal (1856-1899) South African Pond=20 shillings; Shilling=12 pence. 5 shillings 1892 silver 5 SHILLINGS 1892 ZUID AFRIKANSCHE REPUBLIEK Coin value – $350-400: 2.5 shillings 1896 (1892-1897) silver 2 1/2 SHILLINGS 1896

What’s the value of a 1925 South Africa coin?

Coin value – $15-20. 1 florin 1925 (1923-1930) silver. FLORIN / SOUTH AFRICA ZUID-AFRIKA / 1925 / coat of arms. GEORGIVS V REX IMPERATOR / crowned bust left. Coin value – $15-20. 2 shillings 1932 (1931-1936) silver. 2 SHILLINGS / SOUTH AFRICA SUID-AFRIKA / 1932 / coat of arms.

How much is a nickel in South Africa?

South African (SAR) coins catalog. Previous – old coins of South Africa (before 1961) Republic of South Africa (from 1961) South African Rand=100 cents. 5 rand (r5) 1994 nickel plated copper SUID-AFRIKA 1979 SOUTH AFRICA Coin value – $3-5: 1 rand 1989 nickel 1 RAND / SOLI DEO GLORIA

When was the first South African rand coin made?

ZAR 1892-1902 – Union 1923-1960 – Rand – From 1961.. The rand was introduced on 14 February 1961. I am interested in purchasing coins from 1961-1964 including certain R1 coins from 1965-1976. Please check the dates below. Very important!

How much is a half pond gold coin worth?

This value is given for information purpose only. It is based on a price of gold at 47,718 USD/kg. Numista does not buy or sell coins or metal. NGC 1895 1/2 HALF POND GOLD COIN AU DETAILS SOUTH AFRICA KRUGERRAND STYLE $350.00 NGC XF45 1895 South Africa 1/2 Pond Gold Coin $359.50.

Are there any gold coins in South Africa?

South African Gold Coins 1892-1900 Until it was dissolved in 1902 following the Anglo-Boer War with Great Britain, the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) produced a rich array of coins and banknotes. Perhaps the most appealing of the coins were the gold pieces, consisting of the een pond (one pound) and half pond issues of 1892-1900.

Where was the first South African coin struck?

Facing an upcoming election and wanting the new coins in circulation to enhance his prestige, President Kruger didn’t wait for the Pretoria Mint to be completed. Instead, he contracted to have the first issue of new ZAR coins (dated 1892) struck at the Imperial German Mint in Berlin.