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What side was Benedict Arnold on in the Revolutionary War?

What side was Benedict Arnold on in the Revolutionary War?

A member of the Sons of Liberty, Benedict Arnold rose to the rank of general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Frustrated by the lack of recognition, he subsequently switched sides to the British and plotted the surrender of West Point.

Why did Benedict Arnold defect to the side of the British?

Historians have several theories about why Arnold became a traitor: greed; mounting debt; resentment of other officers; a hatred of the Continental Congress; and a desire for the colonies to remain under British rule. The September 21 meeting with British Major John Andre was a disaster for both men.

Who was the British leader during the American Revolution?

Benjamin Rush is best known for his political activities during the American Revolution, including signing the Declaration of Independence. Winston Churchill was a British military leader and statesman. Twice named prime minister of Great Britain, he helped to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.

Who was the hero of the American Revolution?

Hero of the American Revolution. Benedict Arnold’s Treacherous Plot. Benedict Arnold’s Later Life and Death. Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83) who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British.

Who was the wrong side of the Revolutionary War?

But Benedict Arnold ultimately picked the wrong side in the Revolutionary War. Irrespective of its motives, his plot had failed. In the eyes of posterity, he would be forever defined — and tainted — by treason.

Who was the most famous traitor of the Revolutionary War?

Benedict Arnold Is America’s Most Famous Traitor. But You Probably Don’t Know His Whole Story Illustration showing Major General Benedict Arnold (1741 – 1801) rallying the American troops and performing heroically during the Battle of Saratoga, during the American Revolutionary War, Oct. 7, 1777.