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What percentage of Poland speaks German?

What percentage of Poland speaks German?

A second region with a notable German minority is Masuria, with 4,311 living in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, corresponding to 2.9% of all Germans in Poland, and 0.3% of the local population….Germans in Poland today.

Region Lower Silesian Voivodeship
Population 2,898,000
German 9,126
% German 0.3

Do they speak German in Poland?

Polish Language – Polish is a language in the Polish republic and is the main language spoken in Poland….

Languages of Poland
Foreign English (33%) Russian (26%) German (19%)
Signed Polish Sign Language Signed Polish
Source ebs_243_en.pdf (

How common is German in Poland?

Poland has the first place in the world in amount of people who learn German language. There is about 15 milions of people in the world who learn German. And in this number Poles who learn this language are 2,3 milions. It is the second most popular language to learn in Poland after English.

Are there a lot of Germans in Poland?

There are German speakers throughout Poland, and most of the Germans live in the Opole Voivodship in Silesia. Bilingual signs are posted in some towns of the region. In addition, there are bilingual schools and German can be used instead of Polish in dealings with officials in several towns.

How many people in Poland speak German as a first language?

In the 2011 Polish census, only around 58,000 people said that German is their first language. Then there are the many Polish students who learn German as a foreign language at school alongside English.

How many people speak German in other countries?

German is spoken in Germany, of course, but there are an additional five countries with German as an official language: 1 Belgium: 11.5 million speakers 2 Austria: 9 million speakers 3 Switzerland: 8.5 million speakers 4 Luxembourg: 650,000 speakers 5 Liechtenstein: 40,000 speakers More …

What are the minority languages spoken in Poland?

Officially Recognized Minority Languages of Poland. The following are the minority languages of Poland, and their corresponding number of speakers: Kashubian (108,140); German (96,461); Belarusian (26,448); Ukrainian (24,549); Romany (14,468); Rusyn (6,279); Lithuanian (5,303); Armenian (2,000); Hungarian (1,000); Slovak (1,000); and Czech (1,000).

How many German citizens have lived in Poland?

Some of them were forced to stay in Poland, while others wanted to stay because these territories were inhabited by their families for hundreds of years. The lowest estimate by West German Schieder commission of 1953, is that 910,000 former German citizens were granted Polish citizenship by 1950.