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What is the width of Devils Tower?

What is the width of Devils Tower?

800 feet wide
Located on the northwestern edge of the Black Hills, Devils Tower Rises 1,267 feet above the Belle Fourche River to an altitude of 5,112 feet. The tower measures 800 feet wide at its base diameter, and tapers up to a width of 300 feet at its top.

What is the diameter of Devils Tower?

Devils Tower Formation Devils Tower is 867 feet (264 meters) tall (base to summit) and is 1000 feet (305 meters) in diameter at its base.

What is the distance around Devils Tower?

1.3 miles
The circumference of the base of the Tower is 1 mile. The Tower Trail is 1.3 miles (2 kilometers). Why is it called Devils Tower? The name “Devils Tower” originated during an 1875 scientific expedition.

What type of rock is the Devils Tower?

igneous rock
Devils Tower is a 264-meter (867-foot) rock formation in northeastern Wyoming. Devils Tower is made of phonolite porphyry. Phonolite porphyry is an igneous rock, meaning it was formed as magma or lava cooled.

How long should I stay at Devils Tower?

For the best experience, plan on spending at least half of a day at Devils Tower. It takes at least an hour to drive here, so I think it’s worth spending a few hours in the park, to see the tower from different perspectives. With that being said, one hour is really all that you need to see Devils Tower.

Is there a trail around Devils Tower?

The paved, 1.3-mile (2 km) Tower Trail starts across the parking area from the visitor center. A short, steep section leads to you a junction that you can take either way to walk around the base of the Tower. As you walk the Tower Trail, you will notice cloths or small bundles attached to the trees.

Can a beginner climb Devils Tower?

Experience level. The technical difficulty ratings on the Devils Tower climbing routes range from a novice level of 5.7 to an expert level of 5.13 — a route that should only be attempted by seasoned climbers.

How big is the base of Devils Tower?

Devils Tower isn’t simply tall—it’s also very wide. Its summit is around 180 feet by 300 feet—roughly the size of a football field—and the circumference of its base is around one mile.

How tall is Devils Tower in Belle Fourche?

Devils Tower contains the igneous rock. It is a form of a laccolithic butte. The height of Devils Tower from the summer to the base is 265 meter or 867 feet. It stands 386 meter above Belle Fourche River. The peak is measured at 1,559 meter above the sea elevation. Check other facts about Devils Tower below:

How many people visit Devils Tower a year?

The NPS states on its website that Devils Tower receives roughly 500,000 visitors a year. “We have discovered, what looks like a giant root system stemming from the base of The Devils Tower,” reads the purported statement from the Wyoming State Parks Department.

Where is Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming?

Devils Tower National Monument. Devils Tower (also known as Bear Lodge Butte) is a laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Mountains (part of the Black Hills) near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, northeastern Wyoming, above the Belle Fourche River.