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What is the estuary on the southeast coast of South America?

What is the estuary on the southeast coast of South America?

Río de la Plata | estuary, South America | Britannica.

What is a coastal estuary?

An estuary is a partially enclosed, coastal water body where freshwater from rivers and streams mixes with salt water from the ocean. Estuaries, and their surrounding lands, are places of transition from land to sea.

What is the difference between a slough and an estuary?

A slough is typically used to describe wetlands. Along the West Coast, sloughs are often named for the quiet, backwater parts of bays and therefore, they are part of the estuary, where freshwater flows from creeks and runoff from land mix with salty ocean water transported by the tides.

What is the southernmost part of South America?

Southernmost point can be either: Águila Islet, Diego Ramírez Islands, Chile ( 56°32′16″S 68°43′10″W), or, if the South Sandwich Islands are included as part of South America: Cook Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ( 59°29′20″S 27°8′40″W)

Where are the estuaries in the United States?

Estuaries formed as sea level rose after the last ice age, drowning river valleys and stabilizing at roughly the present level about 6,000 years ago. South of the Coquille River estuary at Bandon are six small estuaries-the Sixes, Elk, Rogue, Pistol, Chetco, and Winchuck.

Is the Columbia River a salt water estuary?

Draining one of the largest river basins in North America (259,000 square miles), the Columbia’s estuary is dominated by the river’s freshwater inflow. Although the head of tide extends 146 miles upstream to Bonneville Dam, traces of salt water rarely are found above River Mile 30, even at low flow.

Where are the estuaries in South Africa located?

The list is in order from East (border with Mozambique) to the West (border with Namibia ). The South African coastline stretches for some 3000 km from Kosi Bay near the Mozambique border in the east to the Gariep (Orange) River at the Namibian border in the west.

How big is the estuary in the Cape?

The estuary and floodplain cover a vast area, extending 40 km inland along one of the Cape’s biggest rivers. This area encompasses a wide diversity of habitats, including sandy beaches, mudflats, reedbeds, riverine channels, strandveld and floodplain, and it is famously rich in birdlife.