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What is the average temperature in the summer in Antarctica?

What is the average temperature in the summer in Antarctica?

Did we say cold? Winter temperatures on the plateau can range from -40 degrees F (-40 degress C) to -94 degrees F (-70 degrees C), while summer achieves a balmy -31 degrees F (-35 degrees C).

What is the average temperature in the winter time in Antarctica?

Mean temperatures of the coldest months are −4 to −22 °F (−20 to −30 °C) on the coast and −40 to −94 °F (−40 to −70 °C) in the interior, the coldest period on the polar plateau being usually in late August just before the return of the sun.

What is the average annual temperature in Antarctica in degrees Celsius?

1000-1,500m (3500-5000ft)Continental low latitude. Very cold year-round, approx. -12°C to -35°C monthly averages, smaller temperature range than higher altitude. Clear skies, calm air, little precipitation common.

What can the temperature reach in Antarctica?

The temperatures in Antarctica are no doubt dramatic, but they are actually tolerable during certain seasons. In Antarctica, the average annual temperature ranges from -76 degrees Fahrenheit at the most elevated parts of the interior to 14 degrees along the coast.

Which is the warmest part of Antarctica in the summer?

The coast is warmer; on the coast Antarctic average temperatures are around -10°C (in the warmest parts of Antarctica) and in the elevated inland they average about -55°C in Vostok. . Along the Antarctic Peninsula, temperatures as high as 15 °C (59 °F) have been recorded, though the summer temperature is below 0 °C (32 °F) most of the time.

How is the climate in Antarctica in the last 50 years?

The continent-wide average surface temperature trend of Antarctica is positive and significant at >0.05 °C/decade since 1957. The West Antarctic ice sheet has warmed by more than 0.1 °C/decade in the last 50 years, and is strongest in winter and spring.

What is the average precipitation in the Antarctic?

The total precipitation on Antarctica, averaged over the entire continent, is about 166 millimetres (6.5 inches) per year (Vaughan et al., J Climate, 1999).