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What do you call the person who flies a spaceship?

What do you call the person who flies a spaceship?

As a single-seat spacecraft, the astronauts who flew the Mercury missions were referred to simply as “Pilots”. Overall mission success, safety of crew and spacecraft, pilot in command of spacecraft during launch, trans-lunar coast, and Earth return coast. Also pilot in command of the Apollo Lunar Module.

What is Travelling in space called?

Spaceflight (or space flight) is an application of astronautics to fly spacecraft into or through outer space, either with or without humans on board.

What is a group of astronauts called?

The NASA Astronaut Corps is a unit of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that selects, trains, and provides astronauts as crew members for U.S. and international space missions.

What does it mean to be a space traveler?

Names in italic are space travelers who have left low Earth orbit. National flags indicate the space traveler’s citizenship at the time of flight (s). A before a name denotes that the person died during spaceflight, or during an attempted spaceflight.

How are space travelers listed by their nationality?

The flags indicate the space traveler’s nationality at the time of their flight or flights. In cases of dual citizenship, the space traveler is listed under their primary residence. A secondary list appended to the entry for the Soviet Union shows the birth countries of space travelers not born in Russia.

What do you call an engine on a spacecraft?

an engine on a spacecraft or aircraft that controls in what direction and how high it flies a place where scientists check and record the movements of space vehicles and satellites informal someone who is very interested in space and in books and films about space

Who are some famous people who have been to space?

Flags shown in the secondary lists are those in use at the time of the space travelers’ birth. Names in italic are space travelers who are not part of any national astronaut program or astronaut corps ( Toyohiro Akiyama, Helen Sharman, the Space Adventures customers and the sub-orbital SpaceShipOne pilots).