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What causes shortage of water on Earth?

What causes shortage of water on Earth?

Climate change, such as altered weather-patterns (including droughts or floods), deforestation, increased pollution, green house gases, and wasteful use of water can cause insufficient supply.

What are the causes of water crises?

Experts say that population growth and urbanization are the main reasons behind the crisis. The issue has also been exacerbated by climate change, poor water management and a lack of political will to deal with the crisis. “Pakistan is approaching the scarcity threshold for water.

What is the biggest water problem?

Rising temperatures and drought Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat facing the global water system, simply because in reality it is composed of many different threats. As greenhouse gas emissions cause the planet to increase in temperature, the world’s hottest regions are becoming even hotter and drying up.

Is there such a thing as a water shortage?

Although it is such a tiny percentage of the earth’s water, at the moment that small amount of fresh water is still just about sufficient to satisfy all our needs. In today’s article, we take a close look at the main causes of water scarcity.

How does deforestation lead to a water shortage?

Forests are the natural water catchment areas. Activities like deforestation to pave the way for human settlement is a major problem that has resulted in decreasing forested areas and destruction of water catchment areas. This results in low rainfall, which brings water shortage in the long-term.

How many people are affected by World Water Crisis?

Nearly 1.8 billion people in seventeen countries, or a quarter of the world’s population, appear to be veering towards a water crisis—with the potential of severe shortages in the next few years.

How does overpopulation lead to water scarcity?

Most of the time, this occurs as a result of overpopulation. If there are too many people in a place, they are more likely to consume the resources of that specific place. This puts too much pressure on the sources of freshwater. However, not only people can consume water.