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What are the main nutritional deficiencies in Pakistan?

What are the main nutritional deficiencies in Pakistan?

The major nutritional problems are low birth weight due to poor maternal nutrition, protein energy malnutrition, anemia, iodine deficiency disorders and other micronutrient deficiencies.

What is the current rate of malnutrition in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, four out of ten children under five years of age are stunted while 17.7% suffer from wasting. The double burden of malnutrition is becoming increasingly apparent, with almost one in three children underweight (28.9%) alongside a high prevalence of overweight (9.5%) in the same age group.

WHO report on malnutrition in Pakistan?

Pakistan has been reported to have one of the highest levels of prevalence of child malnutrition compared to other developing counties [12]. According to the National Nutrition Survey, 33%of all children were underweight, nearly 44% were stunted, 15% are wasted, 50%were anemic, and 33%were anemic (iron deficiency).

What is a nutritional status?

Nutritional status has been defined as an individual’s health condition as it is influenced by the intake and utilization of nutrients (Todhunter, 1970). Poor nutritional status is not confined to undernutrition.

Is nutritionist a doctor in Pakistan?

Specific Scope of BSC Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan. The bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics degree is similar to the doctor degree in Nutrition Sciences. And the doctors degree is a 5-year degree. Equally important, both become diet specialists.

How many children are malnutrition in Pakistan?

It is about the quantity and quality of diet besides other factors. Inadequate nutrition among mothers during pregnancy is one of the main reasons of malnutrition among children leading to stunting. Nearly 10 million Pakistani children suffer from stunting.

What is the example of nutritional status?

The nutritional status indicators for the CDC Growth Charts include obesity, overweight, underweight, and short stature. Percentiles are used to rank an individual or a group on a growth chart and indicate where either fits in the context of the reference population.

Who is the best nutritionist in Pakistan?

Here is the top reviewed nutrionist of Pakistan.

  • Rizwan Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed is the top most dietitian in Pakistan. He has done his BSc from Canada.
  • Rd. Sabahat Zubair. Ms. Sabahat is the third leading dietitian in the country.
  • Nimra Mahmood. Ms. Nimra is the fifth leading dietitian in the country.

Which is the National Nutrition Survey of Pakistan?

The National Nutrition Survey 2018 assessed the nutrition status of the population of Pakistan with a primary focus on children under five, adolescent girls and women of child bearing age, including pregnant and lactating women.

How does poor nutrition affect health in Pakistan?

Poor nutrition, by the same logic, impacts on health, education and wellbeing through generations. The situation is quite dire in Pakistan, with stunting and wasting heavily prevalent in the country. Stunting does not only mean that a child is not having enough to eat.

Who is the director of nutrition in Pakistan?

Dr Baseer Achakzai, director of nutrition at the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, said that the 2018 survey would be the largest such survey in the country.

How is UNICEF working on nutrition in Pakistan?

In future, UNICEF will work with partners to focus on the most vulnerable children, using cross-sectoral platforms such as Early Childhood Development (ECD) and the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) initiative. Critically, the diets of Pakistani children require substantially more diversity and, in most cases, lack sufficient calories.