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What are the harmful effects of the Green Revolution Class 9?

What are the harmful effects of the Green Revolution Class 9?

It has some negative effects as below:

  • The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides caused erosion and pollution.
  • Loss of genetic diversity.
  • In drier locations, wheat yield gains fell drastically.
  • Excessive irrigation led to problems like leaching, water logging, etc. Answer verified by Toppr.

    What are the harmful effects of green?

    Impacts of the Green Revolution

    • Pests and Pesticide.
    • Water Consumption.
    • Air Pollution.
    • Impacts on Soil and Crop Production.
    • Extinction of Indigenous Varieties of Crops.
    • Food Consumption Pattern.
    • Health-Related Impacts on the General Population.
    • Impacts on Farmers.

    What is bad about the Green Revolution?

    “The Green Revolution Was Bad for the Environment.” The Green Revolution did, however, bring environmental problems. Fertilizers and pesticides were often used excessively or inappropriately, polluting waterways and killing beneficial insects and other wildlife.

    What are the effects of Green Revolution in points?

    Excessive Usage of Chemicals: The Green Revolution resulted in a large-scale use of pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilisers for improved irrigation projects and crop varieties. However, little or no efforts were made to educate farmers about the high risk associated with the intensive use of pesticides.

    What are the effects of Green Revolution class 10?

    It contributed to the development of intensive agricultural production system. It increased yields and enabled India to achieve self-sufficiency in terms of food grain production. It enabled the adoption of new technology that created more employment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

    What are the two positive impact of green revolution?

    1 – Increase in Production / yield. 3 – Better land use by employing two and three crop pattern. 4 – better scientific methods applied as per requirement of farms. 5- New seeds have been developed with better yield and disease fighting capability.

    What are the two negative impacts of green revolution?

    1. The fertility of the soil has become poor due to the implementation of modern techniques. 2. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has resulted in the loss of soil fertility.

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    How is the Green Revolution good for the environment?

    As more food can be produced from current croplands via the Green Revolution, it has resulted in lesser needs of conversion to other types of land. This enhanced ability to cultivate more amount of food on the land is also useful for the environment.

    How did the Green Revolution affect the price of food?

    In absence of favourable weather conditions, the harvest would get lowered. The lesser availability of food, resulted in its higher pricing. Due to the Green Revolution, farmers are able to predict harvests. With manageable weather conditions at each field, the influence of poor harvesting seasons has been significantly reduced.

    Why was fallowing important in the Green Revolution?

    With green revolution, the natural land isn’t required for agricultural land. It is safe for utilization by plants and animals for their natural habitat. This revolution also resulted in creating a consistent supply of food. Fallowing is a way that farmers use to safeguard their land in dry climates.