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How many skyscrapers are in Canary Wharf?

How many skyscrapers are in Canary Wharf?

As of 2020, there are 103 buildings or structures that are at least 100 metres (328 ft) tall in the Greater London metropolitan area, with 22 of these being in the City of London and 25 being in the Canary Wharf / Isle of Dogs district.

How many floors is Canary Wharf Tower?

One Canada Square/Floors

What is the population of Canary Wharf?

Today, Canary Wharf has a working population of 120,000, but this is a figure set to double by the late 2020s. The Wharf isn’t just an isolated commercial outpost its workers travel in to, however; the Docklands’ surrounding residential developments have become some of the most sought-after in the capital.

Is Canary Wharf a nice place to live?

Located in Zone 2 in the E14 neighbourhood, Canary Wharf has become one of London’s hottest property locations. Canary Wharf is largely regarded as one of the best places to live in London on account of its good access to jobs, lower than average property prices and diverse leisure and transport offering.

Where should I live if I work at Canary Wharf?

West Ham is the most affordable on the list and is called “home” by many workers from the City and Canary Wharf. Given it is less glitzy compared to the other areas, there is a high street with a few shops, pubs and restaurants, but there is nothing quite like a Westfield.

Is it expensive to live in Canary Wharf?

Is it expensive to live in Canary Wharf? The most expensive area to live in Canary Wharf is Canary Wharf itself, where the average property achieves around £500,000. The most affordable area to live is Poplar, where properties come in around £400,000.

Is working in Canary Wharf good?

The Canary Wharf area is great because the offices are all of a high quality, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from should you get hungry at any time of day or night. Canary Wharf has multiple underground shopping centres with all the major brands represented.

Is Canary Wharf worth investing?

In the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of business that’s being done in Canary Wharf. If you are looking to invest in London or Europe as a whole, consider Canary Wharf. With its regeneration and redevelopment, it’s a worthwhile investment that’s sure to benefit you considerably.

How many acres is Canary Wharf in London?

Canary Wharf Group (the Group) has already achieved one of the greatest ever feats of civic engineering, turning a once derelict Docklands into 97 acres of London’s, and the world’s, most sought after office and retail space.

What are the major industries in Canary Wharf?

Two of the largest industries in Canary Wharf are finance and technology. Ten years ago, financial companies accounted for 70% of Canary Wharf’s tenants. That number has now gone down to 55% as tech companies such as IBM, Intel, and Oracle move their headquarters to the area.

Where is the pier in Canary Wharf London?

The Canary Wharf pier is located a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the Canary Wharf Estate, close to Westferry Circus. Canary Wharf is a few minutes’ walk from the Thames Path, a public right of way that runs the whole length of the river. Greenwich/Cutty Sark, through the foot tunnel, is 2.2 miles away or 45 minutes on foot.

Why is Canada Square in Canary Wharf named after Canada?

Canada Square is one of the central squares at Canary Wharf. It is a large open space with grass, except during the winter when it is converted into an ice rink. The square is named after Canada, because the original developers of modern Canary Wharf, Olympia & York, wanted to reflect their heritage.