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How long is Battery tunnel?

How long is Battery tunnel?

2,779 m
Hugh L. Carey Tunnel/Total length

How deep is the Battery tunnel?

9,117 feet
At 9,117 feet the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is the longest continuous underwater vehicular tunnel in North America.

How many people died building the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel?

20 people
At least 20 people died during the bridge’s construction. German-born John A. Roebling, who designed the bridge, was taking compass readings one afternoon when his foot was crushed between some pilings and a boat.

How much is Battery tunnel?

Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel

Operator MTA Bridges and Tunnels
Traffic 54,076 (2016)
Toll As of April 11, 2021, $10.17 (Tolls By Mail and non-New York E-ZPass); $6.55 (New York E-ZPass); $8.36 (Mid-Tier NYCSC E-Z Pass)

Where is the Battery Tunnel in New York City?

The Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel (officially the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel) is a toll tunnel in New York City that connects Red Hook in Brooklyn with Battery Park in Manhattan. The tunnel consists of twin tubes that each carry two traffic lanes under the mouth of the East River.

How much did it cost to build the Brooklyn tunnel?

In November of that year, the Board of Estimate referred the Brooklyn-Manhattan tunnel plan to the New York City Board of Transportation, who was tasked with surveying the site of the tunnel. At the time, the tunnel would have cost $75 million, including land acquisition, if it included two 3-lane tunnels.

How much concrete was used for the Battery Tunnel?

About 13,900 tons of steel, 205,000 cubic yards of concrete, 1,871 miles of electrical wire, 883,391 bolts, and 799,000 wall and ceiling tiles went into the structure. In addition, about 93,600 tons of cast iron were used to line the tunnel.

Where are the ventilation buildings on the Battery Tunnel?

The Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel has a total of four ventilation buildings: two in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, and one on Governors Island. One of the Manhattan ventilation buildings is granite-faced and designed like a monument, due to objections to the building’s design during the construction process.