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How long did Alexander Mackenzie serve?

How long did Alexander Mackenzie serve?

In 1876, the Conservative opposition announced a National Policy of protective tariffs, which resonated with voters. When an election was held at the conclusion of Mackenzie’s five-year term, the Conservatives were swept back into office in a landslide victory.

When did Alexander Mackenzie travel to Alberta?

In what is now the province of Alberta, Mackenzie and a cousin set up a trading post, Fort Chipewyan, on Lake Athabasca (1788). This was the starting point of his expedition of 1789, which followed the Mackenzie from the Great Slave Lake to the river’s delta on the Arctic Ocean.

Where did Alexander Mackenzie go in Alberta?

Fort Chipewyan
In 1792, Mackenzie headed west again on his second expedition in search of a Northwest Passage. He gathered the expedition at Fort Chipewyan, at the junction of the Peace and Smoky Rivers in what is now Alberta. They set off on May 9, 1773, following the Peace River, a tributary of the Mackenzie River.

How did John f.mackenzie get to Canada?

According to Pond’s theory, that great river (the largest in Canada) flowed due west to the Pacific, but it soon became clear that it went north instead. Mackenzie followed the river until it reached the Arctic Ocean, at which point his party turned around and started for home, reaching Fort Chipewyan on 12 September.

When did James Mackenzie move to New York?

Facing economic depression in Scotland, his father moved the family to New York City in 1774. Because of the dangers posed by the American Revolutionary War (1775–83), Mackenzie stayed with family in Johnstown in the Mohawk Valley before heading north to Montréal, where he attended school in 1778.

How did the Mackenzie River get its name?

The Mackenzie River , named in his honour, symbolizes Mackenzie’s important place as a pioneer and fur trader in Canadian history. Mackenzie’s mother died when he was a young child. Facing economic depression in Scotland, his father moved the family to New York City in 1774.