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How fast can you go on the Autobahn?

How fast can you go on the Autobahn?

80 mph per hour
So, how fast are you allowed to drive on the autobahn? The German government recommends a maximum speed of 130 kph / 80 mph per hour on autobahns, but lets drivers go as fast as they want in some areas (without any speed limits).

Why is there no speed limit on the Autobahn in Germany?

The Nazi government passed the Road Traffic Act in 1934, limiting speeds to 60 kph (37 mph) in urban areas but setting no limit for rural roads or autobahns. In 1939, responding to fuel shortages, the government lowered the limit to 40 kph (25 mph) in town and 80 kph (50 mph) on all other roads.

How many accidents are on the Autobahn?

Motorway Deaths Taking a closer look at Germany, federal and state statistics reported by Der Spiegel show that there 0.95 fatal accidents per billion kilometres driven on German autobahn sections with speed limits.

How safe is the German autobahn?

Is the Autobahn safest? Research by the Federal Highway Research Institute states that the Autobahn experiences fewer vehicle-related fatalities than the U.S. This means this German highway experiences fewer deaths per billion miles traveled than American highways.

How long is the Autobahn highway in Germany?

How long is the German Autobahn? The Autobahn in Germany refers to an entire highway network. The length of the whole network of the Autobahn was 13.141 km in 2019. That makes it the fourth-longest highway system globally, after China, the US, and Spain.

What are the rules of the German Autobahn?

To avoid such rude awakenings, our seasoned test drivers at Young Germany have prepared some insider guidelines for newcomers to the Autobahn. It is, after all, an incredibly well-kept system of toll-free motorways and overall 12,500 kilometers of great fun – if you keep in mind these rules. 1. Know the limit – even on a German Autobahn

What’s the fastest speed you can drive on the Autobahn?

If you’re not used to driving above your national speed limit ( 130kmh in your country) then even driving “only” 170kmh is going to feel fast and it will be exhausting after a fairly short while. With experience, one can drive at 180kmh for a few hours, but it’s still going to be exhausting.

What was the first national highway in Germany?

Autobahn. Autobahn, (German: “automobile road”)plural Autobahnen, high-speed, limited-access highway, the basis of the first modern national expressway system. Planned in Germany in the early 1930s, the Autobahnen were extended to a national highway network ( Reichsautobahnen) of 2,108 km (1,310 miles) by 1942.