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How do you say Beautiful Girl in Polish?

How do you say Beautiful Girl in Polish?

Similar translations for “beautiful girl” in Polish

  1. małolatka.
  2. dziołcha.
  3. dziewucha.
  4. dziewczę
  5. dziewczyna.

Do you say beautiful in Polish?

How to say “You are beautiful.” Jesteś piękna. Jesteś piękna.

Is Dupa a polish?

Super what? (English/Polish) Super dooper” – and got a slap! ‘Super’ in Polish is the same as in English but dupa, similarly pronounced as ‘dooper’ means ‘bottom’!

What do you call a girl in Polish?

Laska (LASS-KA) In Polish the word laska means ‘stick’ and is also widely used as a slang term for a woman or a girl.

What is a Dupa?

dupa (pośladki): arse BRIT.

Widely used phrases

However Polish sayings, when translated exactly, word by word, most of the times don’t make to much sense. Today I will try to explain the meaning of some of them to you. Let’s start with this one: Few have a chance to understand the meaning of this old Polish saying.

Who are the most beautiful women in Poland?

As another pretty little thing on our list of the most beautiful Polish women in the world, Sandra Kubicka is mostly known for her good looks, including her sizzling body and long blonde tresses. However, don’t think that is all she has to offer.

What’s the best way to pronounce Polish?

The language is difficult to master, and even more difficult to pronounce correctly. Here are some unbelievably beautiful words to get you falling in love with Polish. Pronounce it like this: doo-sha. Pronounce it like this: mee-wost-kah. Pronounce it like this: la-to’h. Pronounce it like this: oh-nekh-dai. Pronounce it as you see it.

How are Polish girls shaped their beautiful country?

Polish Women – How Polish Girls Have Shaped Their Beautiful Country. Polish women and Polish girls are at the forefront of a cultural change in their country. Women in Poland are fiercely loyal, yet not wanting to be constrained by traditional values. They are independent, smart, down to earth, and beautiful in every sense of the word.