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How did William Dampier discover Australia?

How did William Dampier discover Australia?

Dampier headed for Dirk Hartog Island at the entrance to Shark Bay, near present-day Carnarvon in Western Australia. He made landfall on 6 August 1699. From there, he spent about three months charting the roughly 1400 kilometres of coast between Shark Bay and Lagrange Bay, south of Broome.

What did William Dampier explore?

Dampier explored the island and surrounding waters and noted Bernier and Dorre islands and the northern tip of Peron Peninsula, which he thought was an island. During this time Dampier’s cook, Mr Goodwin, died and became the first European known to have been buried on Australian soil.

Did Dampier find Australia?

William Dampier, (born August 1651, East Coker, Somerset, Eng. —died March, 1715, London), buccaneer who later explored parts of the coasts of Australia, New Guinea, and New Britain for the British Admiralty. On one voyage he reached Australia (1688), probably the north coast near Melville Island.

What words did Dampier discover?

While Dampier missed out on the desert pea, he is credited with making important contributions to nautical navigation, influencing the science of Humboldt and Darwin, inspiring novels including Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels, instigating further English interest in Australia ultimately leading to colonisation.

What does Dampier mean?

Dampier means: English (of Norman origin) : habitational name from any of various places in northern France named Dampierre, in honor of St. The first element, Dam- or Don, is an Old French title of respect (from Latin dominus ‘lord’), often prefixed to the names of saints.

Is Red Dog a true story?

Red Dog’s story and statue have caught the attention of a number of people passing through Dampier, including British author Louis de Bernières. He wrote a book loosely based on Red’s legend, called Red Dog. A four-wheel drive club has been named in his honour.

How did William Dampier contribute to the exploration of Australia?

Dampier’s contribution to the exploration of Australia was slight, but he was the first European to conduct a detailed scientific study of the continent’s terrain, seas and biology. He was also the first person to circumnavigate the world three times.

Where did William Dampier set foot in Australia?

In January 1688 the Cygnet arrived at King Sound, near present-day Broome, where the captain beached the ship for urgent repairs. The crew were the first Britons to set foot on the Australian mainland — then known as New Holland, the name Dutch explorer Abel Tasman had given it in 1644 — 82 years before Lieutenant James Cook arrived at Botany Bay.

Where did William Dampier go after Shark Bay?

His collection is still preserved at the Oxford University and includes Dampiera, a blue-flowering genus that now bears his name. After a week in Shark Bay the Roebuck sailed north to the Dampier Archipelago, Roebuck Bay, Timor and beyond.

How did William Dampier travel to New Holland?

How did William Dampier travel? His mission was to explore the east coast of New Holland, the name given by the Dutch to what is now Australia, and Dampier’s intention was to travel there via Cape Horn.