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How did Sacagawea contribute to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

How did Sacagawea contribute to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

The “interpretess” was now at work, beginning her most significant contribution to the expedition.

Who was the only female in the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Sacagawea’s role and significance in the Lewis and Clark expedition Sacagawea at the Three Forks Sacagawea was the only female among 32 male members of the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was part of the main party from April 7, 1805 until August 14, 1806.

What did Sacagawea trade with the Chinooks?

This is a Shoshone replica of the blue beaded belt that Sacagawea traded with the Chinooks. After reaching the Pacific on November 15, 1805 the expedition needed to settle for the winter. A vote was required from all the members in order to decide where to set up camp. Sacagawea voted for a place with plenty of potatoes, she was outvoted.

How did Charbonneau and Sacagawea get paid?

After the expedition Charbonneau was paid $533.33 for his interpreting services and was also given 320 acres of land in Missouri. Sacagawea on the other hand was paid nothing. She fulfilled many roles as the expedition progressed and proved to be an asset for the Corps of Discovery.

Historians have given numerous assessments as to her role as a guide of the expedition. Her contribution to the Corps of Discovery is based on identifying landmarks she remembered from her childhood and suggesting routes that were familiar to her near Shoshone lands.

What did Sacagawea do before the marrow bones?

While mentioned a few times as gathering wild plants for food, Sacagawea is portrayed as cook only twice. A few days before the marrow bones, on November 30, Clark had written:

When was Sacagawea inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners?

In 1959, she was inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Sacagawea was an important member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.