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Can I take food into Egypt?

Can I take food into Egypt?

You are also not allowed to take out drugs, food, silver, or gold bought on the local market (these last two have an exception for “very small quantities for personal use”). Note that at the time of writing there was a blanket ban on bringing any kind of bird back from Egypt to the United States.

How much cash can I take into Egypt?

Customs regulations There’s a limit of 5,000 Egyptian pounds that you are allowed to bring in or take out of Egypt. There is no limit to the amount of hard currency that you may bring in, but sums that exceed USD 10,000 should be declared on arrival.

Can you bring alcohol to Egypt?

Customs rules Egypt Travellers are not allowed to take any and all products into Egypt. Certain products, such as tobacco and alcohol, may only be imported in limited quantities. Restrictions also apply to the import of animals, food and perfume, among other things. Baggage is checked upon arrival at Egypt’s airport.

How many cigarettes can I bring back from Egypt?

200 cigarettes
Passengers may carry the following quantities of items and substances regulated by Egyptian law out of the country without incurring in customs fees: 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, or 200 grams of tobacco.

What medication can you not take to Egypt?

But Egypt, in common with many other countries, has strict rules on any drugs containing opioid analgesics, such as Tramadol and codeine.

Can I bring my car to Egypt?

Cars imported with trip tickets are allowed to enter Egypt tax and duty free for three months on a tourist basis. It can be extended for another three months, but it will be exported out of Egypt after these 6 months have ended.

What should I bring with me to Egypt?

Regardless of what any guide books say, you WILL need a good pair of sunglasses with an ultra-high UV rating. Again, while these may be purchased in Egypt, it might be wise to bring your own with you when you visit. Canteen or Water Holder – Don’t forget that much of Egypt is desert and water is scarce.

Are there restrictions on carry on baggage on EgyptAir flights?

EGYPTAIR wishes to advise that due to restrictions introduced by Aviation authorities, certain items may not be permitted to be carried. To avoid the inconvenience of having restricted items confiscated, it is important that certain items be packed in your checked baggage and not on your personal or in cabin baggage.

What foods are not allowed to be imported into Egypt?

– all kinds of live, frozen or stuffed birds or any bird derived product. Import of all firearms, including sporting guns, is prohibited. Free export of the same articles as shown under “free import” which have been imported by passenger. – gold and silver purchased in Egypt, except for very small quantities for personal use.

What foods can you take in hand luggage?

Can you take food in hand luggage? As long as it’s solid, then yes. The main thing you need to remember is that you can’t take liquids through security in quantities over 100ml – and in this case ‘liquids’ is extended to include anything with a high liquid content, so it covers everything from water and fruit juice to pasta sauces and oils.