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Can a felon rent an apartment in Kentucky?

Can a felon rent an apartment in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Housing Corporation works in association with HUD in Kentucky to provide apartments or rental homes to felons and low-income people who fall below the annual median income or AMI for their community. While the agency may feature move-in ready apartments, you might also have to sign up on a waiting list.

Why do people not rent to felons?

No matter how long ago your conviction may have been the landlord holds the right to deny you housing based on your past convictions. Not renting to a person with a felony is a rental standard designed to minimize the landlord’s liability risk.

Can felons rent apartments in North Carolina?

Felons in North Carolina and other parts of the US are regularly turned down for housing. Property managers in North Carolina and elsewhere in the US can only deny rental housing if an applicant’s past non-payment of rent or eviction history causes him or her to be a poor risk financially.

Can felons rent apartments in Virginia?

Once you are charged with a felony, you pretty much give up your right to lease an apartment with any type of ease. Therefore, an applicant can be turned down if they are a felon, have a poor credit score, or have issues, such as evictions and non-payments, in their rental history.

How can I get a background check for an apartment?

Some things you can do to overcome a less-than-ideal background check includes getting references, being honest with the landlord, and offering a concession like paying a higher security deposit or signing a longer lease.

Can a landlord refuse to rent to a felon?

There is no law that forbids a landlord from refusing to rent an apartment to a felon. That being said, here are apartments that work with felonies. Can a Felony Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Housing? Of course, yes. The Fair Housing Act of 1988 mentions a range of discrimination.

Can a felon rent to a family with children?

If you house families with children, you may not be able to rent to anyone on the Sex Offender Registry. Thus, denying a felon who is a registered sex offender would not constitute a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Are there any apartment complexes that rent to felons?

Property management groups are the companies that own large apartment complexes, often many complexes in a specific area. These management groups are very closed minded in regards to renting to felons or anyone with a criminal record.

How to find an apartment on Craigslist for a felon?

When you go to craigslist select the state that you live in then select the city that is nearest to you. Find the housing section and then you can search for apartments and housing then. You can even input your maximum and minimum rent cost.