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Where is Lucas County Iowa?

Where is Lucas County Iowa?

Lucas County

What is Chariton Iowa known for?

Chariton is a city in, and the county seat of, Lucas County, Iowa, United States. Lucas is the primary distribution center for and the former corporate headquarters of the Hy-Vee supermarket chain.

What towns are in Lucas County Iowa?

Lucas County/Cities

When was Chariton Iowa founded?

Feb. 26, 1857
The city was incorporated after an authorizing election on Feb. 26, 1857, and Daniel Iseminger was elected the first mayor.

Where in Iowa is Mahaska County?

Mahaska County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2010 census, the population was 22,335. The county seat is Oskaloosa. Mahaska County comprises the Oskaloosa, IA Micropolitan Statistical Area….Mahaska County, Iowa.

Mahaska County
State Iowa
Founded February 17, 1843
Named for Chief Mahaska
Seat Oskaloosa

What is the zip code for Lucas Iowa?

Lucas/Zip codes

Is Chariton Iowa a good place to live?

Chariton Reviews This community is continuously striving to improve their quality of life. If you love the outdoors, this is one the best places and Iowa to live. Beautiful hills, trees and state forest and parks. They have a wonderful a movie theater, community center and swimming pool.

What county is Lucas Iowa in?

What does Chariton mean?

Chariton (Greek: Χαρίτων) is a name of Byzantine Greek origin (see Chariton the Confessor) meaning well-affected, benevolent. In modern times is used as both as given name and family name, it several spellings, depending on the language, including Hariton, Charyton, Khariton.

Where in Iowa is Mahaska county?

What does Mahaska mean?

Anyway, there was a Chief Mahaska of the Iowa tribe in the 19th century, and thus “Mahaska” turns up in county names and the like all over the Midwest. It seems to have been especially popular in New York City, used to mean “heroin,” in the late 20th century.

When was the town of Lucas Iowa founded?

A plat for the town was filed on May 9, 1868 and the town was incorporated on March 18, 1887. The town grew slowly until coal was discovered in the area. In 1876, the Whitebreast Coal and Mining Company began working a 250-foot (76 m) shaft one mile (1.6 km) east of Lucas.

Who was the original owner of the Lucas countyan?

Gittinger sold the Union to J.L. Long, who sold to W.G. Baker, who operated the shop a few months, selling back to Long. This occurred in 1905. Long then sold it to F.N. Eldridge and Mrs. L.C. Wilson, the latter of whom ran it for a time, when it passed into the hands of Harry Keller, who is the present owner and publisher.

When was the Big Hill mine in Lucas Iowa closed?

The Big Hill mine in Lucas worked a 4-foot-thick (1.2 m) coal seam 274 feet (84 m) below the surface using room and pillar methods, with a shaft not far from the Burlington station. This mine was closed in April 1904 and stripped of equipment, but by mid-1905, plans were in place to reopen it.

How much did coal miners make in Lucas Iowa?

Mine wages varied from $2.36 to $2.56 per day in Cleveland in 1907 (there are no wage figures for Lucas that year). In 1919, Lucas was home to the second most productive coal mine in Iowa, Mine No. 2 of the Central Iowa Fuel Company. This produced 217,169 tons of coal that year and employed 360 men.