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How did Colonist live?

How did Colonist live?

Most of the people living in Colonial America lived and worked on a farm. Although there would eventually be large plantations where the owners became wealthy growing cash crops, life for the average farmer was very hard work. They had to work hard all year long just to survive.

How did many colonist make a living?

Their economy was based on trading, lumbering,fishing, whaling, shipping, fur trading (forest animals) and ship building. They also had many lakes, rivers, and the Ocean that was valuable for trading and traveling. How did the Middle Colonies make their money? Farmers grew grain and raised livestock.

What was life like for the colonist in Connecticut?

Life for colonists was hard, and they depended on their families for survival. The household may have included not only blood relations, but servants or farmhands as well. All worked together for the common welfare.

What was the history of the Connecticut Colony?

During the American Revolutionary War, the Anglicans often remained loyal to the crown while the others did not. However, this did not cause a division within the colony. In fact, the Connecticut colony was the only colony in New England and the other 13 Colonies do not have an internal revolution.

Who was the leader of the Connecticut Colony?

Connecticut Colony. Connecticut Colony known as the River Colony was organized on March 3, 1636, as a place for Puritan nobleman. Early on, the English settlers under John Winthrop Jr. struggled with the Dutch for possession of the land, but the English eventually gained control of the colony and set up a permanent settlement there.

What did the girls do in colonial Connecticut?

Girls usually helped inside the home, cooking, cleaning, sewing and spinning. Most, but not all, children in colonial Connecticut received at least some schooling. As of 1650, each town of 50 families or more had to provide an elementary school.