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How old was Captain Cook when he set sail?

How old was Captain Cook when he set sail?

In 1776, a 47-year-old Cook set sail on his third voyage of discovery—this time a search for the elusive Northwest Passage in the Arctic. After traveling halfway around the world, he led the ships HMS Resolution and Discovery on a perilous survey of the upper coasts of western Canada and Alaska.

What year did Captain Cook sail to Australia?

After observing the transit of Venus in Tahiti and mapping the North and South Islands of New Zealand, the Endeavour sailed west. The crew first sighted the mainland of Australia on 19 April 1770. James Cook and some of his crew landed at Kamay Botany Bay on 29 April 1770.

What did Captain James Cook set sail for?

Image IT WAS 250 years ago, August 26, 1768 that Captain James Cook set sail on the HM Bark Endeavour from Plymouth to discover the fabled Great Southern continent. Cook’s voyage was meant to be a trip to Tahiti in the southern ocean to observe the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun.

When did Captain James Cook set sail for Tahiti?

ON 26 AUGUST 1768 , The HMB Endeavour set sail from England’s Plymouth Harbour, under the command of Captain James Cook, an accomplished astronomer, navigator and surveyor. The ship’s company of 94 men were instructed to make for Tahiti, where they would observe and record the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun.

How old was James Cook when he went to the Pacific?

In 1768 the Royal Society, in conjunction with the Admiralty, was organizing the first scientific expedition to the Pacific, and the rather obscure 40-year-old James Cook was appointed commander of the expedition.

When did James Cook become captain of the Endeavour?

Jason, thank you for your interesting question, the answer to which is that James Cook never held the rank of Captain. He was appointed Lieutenant on 18 May 1768, before embarking on the Endeavour voyage (1768-1771). On returning from that voyage he was promoted to Commander on 11 August 1771.