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Why did the British want Canada as a colony?

Why did the British want Canada as a colony?

In an attempt to curb France’s economic power worldwide, British troops focused their efforts on French overseas outposts like Canada. And since France was so vastly outnumbered in Canada, it struggled to defend itself against British attacks. In 1754, England and France began to duke it out in Canada itself.

Why did people colonize Canada?

Many of the first Europeans to come to Canada wanted to set up trading networks. In particular, they were after commodities like beaver pelts. The Hudson’s Bay Company was one of the largest trading companies in Canada. European missionaries also came to Canada and tried to convert native people to Christianity.

What was the purpose of colonization in Canada?

What is colonization? In Canada, colonization occurred when a new group of people migrated to North America, took over and began to control Indigenous Peoples. Colonizers impose their own cultural values, religions, and laws, make policies that do not favour the Indigenous Peoples. They seize land and control the access to resources and trade.

What did France give up for the colony of Canada?

As part of the treaty, France formally renounced its claims to all its North American lands to Britain (of which the French colony of Canada was a part), except Louisiana (which had been instead ceded to Spain), and two islands off the shores of Newfoundland ( Saint-Pierre and Miquelon ).

How did the colonial government collect taxes in Canada?

The colonial governments collected taxes, usually through customs duties, and sent them to the two mother countries, England and France. Canada becomes a nation Following Confederation in 1867, the new government was given the power to raise money by taxation and responsibilities were divided between the federal and provincial governments.

How did the First Nations in Canada get there resources?

Before the arrival of Europeans, First Nations in what is now Canada were able to satisfy all of their material and spiritual needs through the resources of the natural world around them.